EU,US force Serbia to quit Turkish Stream

The EU and US have pressured Serbia to withrdraw from the Russian-Turkish South Stream project.

EU,US force Serbia to quit Turkish Stream

World Bulletin / News Desk

Under pressure from the West, Serbia has withdrawn from the "Turkish Stream" gas project.
In Russian media, there have been reports that in order to reduce its dependance on Russian natural gas, Serbia instead will be joining the TANAP project that will cross the Trans-Adriatic gas pipeline.

TANAP has been actively supported by the US and the EU.

Serbian Prime Minister Alexander Vucic told AP news, "We are ready to diversify our natural gas resourced in Serbia. This is also very important for our American friends".

The US is active encouraging the Balkans for them to participate in the Azerbaijani gaz stream using the Trans Adriatic pipeline. This is the other alternative to the Turkish-Russian agreed Turkish South Stream project. Alexander Vucic said that his countries' membersip to the EU makes this decision a "strategic goal" however they wanted to maintain their good relations with Russia. According to AP press reports, this decision indicates significant changes in their foreign policy with Russia.

Güncelleme Tarihi: 29 Mayıs 2015, 15:59