France's Fillon faces queries over cash for bespoke suits

Since 2012, Fillon has received clothes worth nearly 48,500 euros ($51,800) by Arnys, Parisian tailor to the rich and famous, the weekly Journal du Dimanche (JDD) reported.

France's Fillon faces queries over cash for bespoke suits

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Conservative French presidential hopeful Francois Fillon, already dogged by a fake jobs scandal, faced new scrutiny Sunday over a mystery benefactor reportedly paying for his bespoke suits.

Of that sum, 35,500 euros was paid in cash, the paper said, adding that a young woman generally delivered the money to the chic Left Bank shop that has catered to the likes of Andy Warhol and Yves Saint Laurent.

An order for two suits completed in early February however was paid for by cheque, signed by a "generous friend" who asked to remain anonymous, the paper said.

"I paid at the request of Francois Fillon," JDD quoted the cheque's signatory as saying, adding: "by the way, without receiving the slightest thanks since then."

Fillon's spokesman Luc Chatel reacted angrily to the report, denouncing what he called a "gutter campaign" against the candidate.

"How far are they going to take this?" he asked with the first round of the presidential election just six weeks away and Fillon, 63, facing charges over the fake jobs scandal on Wednesday.

"Are they going to check whether his grandmother had a Russian loan, and if he declared it in his assets statement?" Chatel fumed on French radio.

A member of Fillon's entourage confirmed that one of his friends gifted him two Arnys suits in February, adding that there was "nothing reprehensible" about it.

"We wonder how far these malicious intrusions into his private life will go," the source said.

He dismissed as "outlandish" the paper's assertion that cash payments were made on Fillon's behalf for other Arnys clothing.

"No serious tailor's shop would accept cash payments in such amounts," he said.

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