Freedom Flotilla III ship sabotaged

One of the ships propellers in the Freedom Flotilla has been sabotaged forcing organisers to replace the ship.

Freedom Flotilla III ship sabotaged

World Bulletin / News Desk

One of the ships in the Freedom Flotilla III fleet has been sabotaged, forcing flotilla organisers to replace it, Israeli-born Swedish activist Dror Feiler revealed.

Feiler said that "unknown forces" sabotaged one of the ships and that "they did a job that only professionals could do." He added that had the shop sailed in its condition, it would have sunk in the middle of the sea, drowning the activists on board.

"Somebody went underneath the ship at night and sabotaged its propellers, just like they sabotaged the same ship in 2011," he explained.

Shortly after midnight today, a number of those participating in the Freedom Flotilla III caught up with the first ship in the flotilla, the Marianne av Goteborg, in international waters. The Marianne originally departed from Sweden on 10 May.

Some of the most prominent figures who are on board the ship are former Tunisian President Moncef Marzouki and Arab Member of the Israeli Knesset Basel Ghattas.

The Marianne is the first ship in the flotilla's five ship fleet. The other ships will follow the Marianne and meet up with it in international waters within the next two days.

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