Freemasons involved in UK police corruption

A leaked report from Scotland Yard has revealed that the Freemasons recruited corrupt police officers into criminal gangs.

Freemasons involved in UK police corruption

World Bulletin / News Desk

More details of corruption in the British police and judiciary are being released after a top secret document was leaked to a local media source over the weekend.

On Saturday, The Independent Newspaper published details of Operation Tiberius, an intelligence report from 2003, showing that criminal gangs had infiltrated the police and judiciary, as well as revealing instances of corruption and bribery.

On Monday the newspaper revealed further details from the leaked Scotland Yard document, stating that members of the Freemasons secret society who had infiltrated the police force were recruiting corrupt officers into criminal gangs.

Prince Edward, the Duke of Kent, who is the Grand Master of the secret brotherhood in England and Wales, is yet to comment on the allegations. The United Grand Lodge of England has also refused to comment on his behalf or on behalf of the organization.

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