French army urges strikes on ISIL command centers

The French army has said that striking the command centers would be the most effective way to tackle ISIL.

French army urges strikes on ISIL command centers

World Bulletin / News Desk

French army chief Denis Mercier said Wednesday that the US led coalition army must increase strikes against ISIL's command centres.

He compared the current operations to the 2011 international intervention in Libya.

"In Libya we went after [Libyan leader Moammar] Gadhafi's centres of gravity... it was by attacking these centres that we managed to topple Kadhafi, not by firing at 150 pick-up trucks a day. Otherwise we would still be there," Mercier told journalists.

"It is exactly the same problem in Iraq today. We are shooting at the frontline but behind that we need to concentrate on the centers of gravity."

The Iraqi government has asked the coalition not strike such centres which were most were mostly based in Syria. 

France has ruled out joining air strikes against ISIL in Syria until a firm political transition has taken place in Damascus.


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