French atlas places Crimea in Russia

New 2016 edition of Larousse French Atlas features map showing Crimea as part of Russia

French atlas places Crimea in Russia

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The new 2016 edition of a French Atlas featuring a map showing Crimea as part of Russia drew the ire of Ukrainian officials.

Since Oct. 10, Internet users shared on social media a picture of a map from the Atlas of the French Editions Larousse -- the publisher of a line of dictionaries and encyclopedias -- showing the disputed Crimean region as part of Russia.

Ukraine's ambassador to France Oleh Shamshur  said he was shocked.

"Despite an asterisk stipulating that Crimea was 'attached', not even 'annexed', by Russia, this representation by [publisher] Larousse gives legitimacy to Russia's flagrant violation of international law," Shamshur wrote in a  letter to the publishing house on Oct. 10.

"This type of false information works in the favor of Russian propaganda, which is trying to exonerate Russia's aggression against Ukraine," he added in the letter posted on the embassy's website.

A Editions Larousse's press officer nothified that "Larousse did not wish to be drawn into this controversy."

The Crimean peninsula joined the Russian Federation in March 2014 following a heavily contested referendum. 

The French Foreign Ministrysaid that France "do not recognize the illegal annexation of the Crimea and committed to the territorial integrity of Ukraine... like our partners in the European Union and almost all of the international community."

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