French politicians 'hitting out at Muslim women'

Businessman Rachid Nekkaz says that France's 'burkini ban' is result of leaders covering up political failures

French politicians 'hitting out at Muslim women'

World Bulletin / News Desk

The ban on the burqa, niqab, headscarf... The debate on Islam in France has been always marked by its focus on Muslim women, their choice of clothing in particular and their place in the Republic.

The recent surge in ‘burkini bans’ on many French beaches is no exception. Using the security situation as a pretext, politicians are cracking down on the entire Muslim community with a main target: Muslim women.

Muslim women often find themselves the subject of controversy, negative remarks and attacks – many Islamophobic and racist.

For Rachid Nekkaz, an Algerian businessman and political activist who previously renounced his French nationality, Muslim women are among the most "easy" targets, notably for French politicians, in a particularly difficult socio-economic context.


Güncelleme Tarihi: 26 Ağustos 2016, 17:30