Georgia warns Russia for 'territorial integrity'

"Give up developing policies to the detriment of our territorial integrity," Georgian Foreign Ministry warns Russia

Georgia warns Russia for 'territorial integrity'


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A written statement by Georgian Foreign Ministry said an enactment signed by Russian Prime Minister Dmitriy Medvedev towards keeping the composure of Georgian territories South Ossettia and Abkhazia, which unilaterally declared independence, means intervening Georgia's internal affairs and thus is worrying.

Statement also said those kind of acts by Russia mean violation of Georgia's sovereignty and territorial integrity and they are against the international law and obligations, calling Russian authorities to stop those kind of destructive policies and complying with the international commitments.

The agreements signed between Moscow-centered occupying regime and so called authorities in Georgian soil have no legitimacy, it was said in the statement. The control of Abhkazia and South Ossettia regions belong to Russia while they were still unseparable parts of Georgia, it was indicated in the statement.

Prime Minister of Russian Federation Medvedev had signed an enactment including "Keeping the Natural Composure of Caucasia Mountains" on 13 August in accordance with the ratified agreement between Russian Federation and "Republic of Abkhazia".

In the enactment it was set forth that Russia would provide a variety of possibilities to keep the natural life areas, plant diversity, the environmental cleaning and make research.

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