German FM concedes lack of EU support on Turkey policy

German government seeks to get support from EU countries to pressure Turkey with economic measures

German FM concedes lack of EU support on Turkey policy

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Call for EU countries to back Germany to pressure Turkey through economic measures failed to grab much support, said Foreign Minister Sigman Gabriel on Sunday.

Speaking at an open event in Berlin, the German minister recalled that the government had sought support from EU countries against Turkey.

"Every country in Europe does not think like us, and some countries say, 'Let us continue our cooperation with Turkey as in the past'.

"We think differently on this issue," Gabriel said.

Gabriel did not name the countries, but according to German weekly Der Spiegel reported that France and Italy were among them.

Last month, the German government announced several economic measures in an attempt to increase pressure on Ankara, which were focused on investments and tourism.

Berlin also asked support from its EU partners to minimize pre-accession funds and European Investment Bank credits available for Turkish institutions.


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