German min: Educated Turkish youth 'win-win' for Germany, Turkey

Every guest worker who retired and went back to Turkey are ambassadors for Germany, according to Offenbach business leader

German min: Educated Turkish youth 'win-win' for Germany, Turkey

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 The young Turkish people living in Germany are well-educated and will be beneficial for both Germany and Turkey, the head of the chamber of commerce and industry in the west-central city of Offenbach said Monday.

Alfred Clouth told Anadolu Agency that the German economy benefited from the contributions of the Turkish community, and a large number of Turks who migrated to Germany years ago as "guest workers" decided to stay in the country and work for the German economy.

"Many of them have their own companies. This is good for the future as well. Because every guest worker who retired and went back to Turkey are ambassadors for Germany," Clouth said.

Clouth noted the aging population in Germany, and said the country could benefit from the young Turkish population.

"Because the young Turkish people are well-educated. We can train them further. ... I think this is a win-win situation for both countries," he said.

Clouth added that Turkey and Germany enjoyed a "strong" and "deeply-rooted" relationship, and he believed the two countries would continue to be important partners despite the recent political crisis.

“The relations should normalize again. I am optimistic that these strong relations will continue in the future," he said, adding the German economy needed the Turkish businesses.

Cloud added that German companies would continue to operate in Turkey, and said he supported the recent call of the Association of German Chambers of Commerce and Industry in this regard.

“Turkish economy is in good shape, and there are a lot of [business] opportunities in Turkey. Especially in the areas of infrastructure, telecommunications and so on.

"There is a lot of work to be done. Not only for us but also for Turkish people," he said.

Germany is Turkey’s biggest export market, having purchased goods and services worth $14 billion from Turkey last year, according to the Turkish Statistical Institute, while German exports to Turkey stood at $21.4 billion.

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