German police beat Muslim youths after Tarawih

Muslim youths were beat by German police despite the lack of a reason after leaving the tarawih prayer at a mosque in the city of Offenbach.

German police beat Muslim youths after Tarawih

Mucahid Yildiz - World Bulletin / Germany

Up to 15 Muslim youths of Turkish and Moroccan descent were subjected to excessıve polıce force after leaving the tarawih prayer at a mosque last week in the city of Offenbach. The police officers who wanted to check the identification of the young Muslims acted in an agressive manner and beat the handicuffed youths. Since there no reason was found for arresting the youths, they were released after also being pepper sprayed. However, the officers did threaten Muslim youths by warning them that worse things would happen in the case of their telling the media about what had unfolded.

According to witness acounts, 13 police officers partook in the incident. Umut K., who was located near the scene and wondered about his younger brother, said that he had went to ask the police what was happening when he also received a beating, rather than an answer to his questions. Umut K. Has filed a complaint on assult charges against the police officers.
Sufyan D., who was also subjected to the police brutality, said that they had received such harsh treatment due to their being in Muslim attıra, and that the police would not inform them of their names and identities despite being asked. Sufyan explained that even though they had tried to calm the situation since even the 13 year olds had been hadcuffed, the police sought to raise the tension.

Goksel S. explained that one of the officers apologized and said that police acted more roughly in other countries. However, the youths who were beaten and insulted by the police in Offenbach expressed that they could not accept being exposed to violence and being seen as potential criminals for no reason other than being Muslims. According to the young people, the police mocked and verbally insulted them during the process. They indicated that the female police had treated them even more roughly and struck them even more. The violated youths expressed that they had filed a complaint about the police officers who beat them and had opened a case.

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