German state, police have hidden racist methods

The German Human Rights Institute has indicated that racism is present in the actions of the state and police, and not simply in individual beliefs.

German state, police have hidden racist methods

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According to an investigation conducted by a human rights orgnaization, some articles in the Federal police law enable some people to be subjected to special tracking and checking despite the illegality of such activities.

While blatant racism does not take place in these excerpts, police are adviced to act according to the “border policing experiences.”

While police are not explicitly told to check people of darker complexion, they are instructed to follow their intuition.

In his speech intorducing the results of the “Racial Profiling” study, German Human Rights Institute Director Prof. Dr. Beate Rudolf demanded that the racist checks conducted by Federal police be brough to an end.

Expressing that Article 1a in Paragraph 22 of the Federal Police law contradicts Section 3 Paragraph 3 of the Constitution and the International human rights law, Rudolf requested that the German state and police immediately end their unwarranted checks on people simply due to their complexion and facial features.

He indicated that such measures marginalize and violate people by damaging their equality.

Hendrik Cremer, who organized the research, urged that Article 1a in Paragraph 22 be repealed as it secured a legal foundation for racist implementations. He likewise noted that other federal and state laws be reviewed.

Under the said article, the German police have the right, due to “immigration control,” to check individuals in airports, railway stations and trains without any reason other than having considered them to be personally suspicious.

Güncelleme Tarihi: 29 Haziran 2013, 16:20
Haas - 8 yıl Önce

Police are allowed to check suspicious looking people?? Oh wow what a crime! How dare they investigate people who may attempt to harm German citizens...I swear some people want to wait for the crime to happen before apprehending these terrorists, you can't wait people will die.

SAS - 8 yıl Önce

Anyone who reads German history and examines its present would seriously wonder if Germans have racism hardwired into their DNA.