Germany: Chemical attack shall not go inconclusive

Germany remarked that the findings showing that the chemical gas had been used in Syria have been found and emphasized that the attack shall not go inconclusive

Germany: Chemical attack shall not go inconclusive

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Germany announced that findings showed that chemical gas had been used in Syria, emphasizing that the attack shall not go inconclusive.

German Government Spokesman Steffen Seibert said in Berlin that the government believes there is a "very high probably of a chemical gas attack" and that this attack requires a clear international response.

"Conditions, photos, witnesses, and the international aid organizations are speaking clearly,” Seibert said in expressing that there is no doubt that a dreadful crime had been committed.  

Seibert also reminded that Chancellor Angela Merkel had spoken with French Premier Francois Hollande and English PM David Cameron concerning the issue.

Stating that they were pleased with the permission granted to the UN team to visit the site of the attack, Seibert claimed that the Assad regime had delayed the permission so that the team could not be able to attain the proof that should be taken into consideration. He expressed that despite all this, Germany supports the UN mission and the UN team shall move quickly without losing time to investigate the area. Seibert expressed that they are in close contact with the UN and US concerning the steps to be taken.

Claiming that they are going to survey all evidence and that they don’t believe in the innocence of rge Assad regime, Seibert responded to a question concerning the use of force by saying that he won't speculate on any kind of response that might be needed given the extreme seriousness of the issue.

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