Germany extends military deployments worldwide

Lawmakers approve extending Germany’s contribution to international missions in Iraq, Afghanistan and Mali

Germany extends military deployments worldwide

World Bulletin / News Desk

Germany’s parliament approved on Tuesday temporarily extending military deployments in Iraq, Afghanistan and Mali, amid a prolonged political deadlock in the country after an election in September. 

An overwhelming majority of German lawmakers, mostly from Chancellor Angela Merkel’s conservative CDU/CSU bloc and the Social Democratic Party (SPD), supported extending Germany’s contribution to various international military missions until spring 2018. 

In the 709-seat parliament, 436 lawmakers voted in favor -- while 226 lawmakers voted against and 10 abstained -- of extending Germany’s support for the global coalition fighting Daesh, through the deployment of Tornado surveillance jets and a tanker aircraft in Jordan. 

The decision allows continued air surveillance over Iraq and Syria until March 2018 to gather data on Daesh targets. 

Another government proposal to extend the deployment of German armed forces in northern Iraq was also approved by an overwhelming majority as 435 lawmakers voted in favor of extending the military mission, which provides training to Kurdish peshmerga forces in the region. 

Some 196 lawmakers voted against the motion, while 37 abstained. 

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