Germany's immigration law threatens Balkan population

New law expected to come into effect in 2019 will allow people of Balkans to be employed in Germany

Germany's immigration law threatens Balkan population

Germany's new immigration law -- expected to be adopted to compensate the qualified labor deficit in the country -- is said to cause serious population loss in the Balkan countries.

While those living in poor Balkan countries set their hope on it, the law will lead to a brain drain in the region and as well as a deficit in the qualified workforce.

The law expected to come into effect in Germany on on Jan. 1, 2019 will allow people from the Balkan countries to be employed in Germany. People of the region are eagerly waiting -- though not many are yet aware of the danger.

Meanwhile, the German Embassy in Sarajevo said that the law was in the preparation phase and it was too early to evaluate the details.