Germany stands with democratic forces in Turkey

German chancellor strongly condemns attempted coup, expresses hope that domestic peace will be restored

Germany stands with democratic forces in Turkey

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German Chancellor Angela Merkel has strongly condemned the coup attempt in Turkey on Friday night and expressed solidarity with the democratically elected government.

 “On behalf of the German government, I condemn in strongest terms the attempt of Turkish military units to overthrow the elected government and elected president of the country by using violence,” Merkel told reporters on Saturday.

She denounced attacks carried out by tanks and warplanes that targeted parliament, government units, and civilian protesters.

“The bloodshed in Turkey must now come to an end. Germany stands side by side with those in Turkey who defend the democracy and the rule of law,” she said

Merkel made the remarks in a hastily organized press conference at the Chancellorship, soon after her return to Berlin from Mongolia, where she attended a Europe-Asia Summit.

Merkel underlined Turkey’s importance for Germany, due to 3 million ethnic Turks living in the country and close cooperation between two countries in many important areas.

“I hope for the Turkish people that after these traumatic events, domestic peace will be restored in the country. I hope violent confrontations and divisions will be overcome,” she said.

“Democracy which considers the rights of all, and protects minorities, is the best foundation for that,” she added.


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