Germany's secret plans for refugees in the Aegean

On Monday, Germany's Bild newspaper revealed that the government will keep refugees in the Aegean with ships no longer permitted to take refugees to the mainland

Germany's secret plans for refugees in the Aegean

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German "Bild" newspaper has reported on Monday that several Greek islands in the Aegean will be turned into registration sites for stranded refugees, and that ships will no longer be permitted to take refugees to the Greek mainland.This is not dissimilar to the case of refugees that are not taken to Australian and processed at the notorius Nauru centre.
Effectively, the billions of euros in aid that was promised to Turkey as the EU's partner in the refugee crisis will now be transferred to Athens instead.
The German newspapers, well known for having high level contacts in the government has said that this was the Plan B in case the agreement with Ankara and the EU failed.
German government denial
The German government has denied that there was any such plan. "There are no grounds to doubt the further implementation of the current deal," said a spokesman for Interior Minister Thomas de Maizière. The anonymous source added that the German government was doing everything that it had promised to do. "Therefore, there is no question of an alternative agreement," the ministry said.

Wellmann: Considering alternatives is normal

"I can't understand what all the fuss is about," CDU foreign policy expert Hans-Georg Wellmann told DW. "It seem pretty clear: We can't completely and utterly rely on Turkey. It's normal to consider alternatives." He also add that prior to the deal with Ankara, the EU had been creating hotspots for refugee registration in Greece and Turkey, and had searched for alternative paths  to reduce the amount of illegal immigration.

Source: Deutsche Welle/Bild

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