Germany's 'toilet brush revolution'

Despite the media hush over the crackdown of protests in Germany's Hamburg, the spirit of revolution is growing, with demonstrators adopting the toilet brush as their symbol.

Germany's 'toilet brush revolution'

World Bulletin / News Desk

Protests have gripped the German city of Hamburg since the authorities closed down the Rote Flora Cultural Center on December 21.

Clashes between police and far-left activists have resulted in a number of injuries, arrests, and the application of so called ‘danger zones’ in three parts of the city - Saint Pauli, Altona and Schanzenviertel.

Between 6pm and 6am every night, police have been carrying out identity checks on citizens found on the streets in these zones.

Meanwhile, in order to avoid confrontation with the police, some protesters living in these zones have been showing their support for the protests by lighting torching on their rooftops.

Interestingly, the toilet brush has become the symbol of these protests, after one citizen was arrested for carrying a toilet brush in the danger zone. Following this incident, protesters have been flashing their toilet brushes at police officers.

Some protesters have also adopted a new way to protest against these new stop-and-search measures by carrying ridiculous items in their bags such as cucumbers and dirty underwear during stop-and-search times.

The danger zones have attracted much criticism from a number of opposition party heads, who claim that the measures are unnecessary and contrary to the country’s constitution.

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