Gibraltar collects petition forms to complain Spain to EU

Gibraltar administration asked for everyone no matter their nationality are, tell their experiences and if needed, to provide a complaint petition from the official website of Gibraltar administration

Gibraltar collects petition forms to complain Spain to EU

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Gibraltar administration has been collecting petition forms to complain Spain to EU. 

Gibraltar administration asked for everyone no matter their nationality are, to tell their experiences in the border gate.

Gibraltarian authorities stated that If needed, Gibraltarians could also provide a complaint petition from the official website of Gibraltar administration.

Tensions had started escalating between two countries with the allegations of infringement of the rights of Spanish fishermen hunting offshore Gibraltar.

Gibraltarian authorities stated that they were trying to protect the marine life by placing large concrete reefs, yet Spanish authorities defended that fishing was being blocked by the concrete reefs of the British territory.

Upon that, Spain announced to apply a 50 Euro fee to cross its border with Gibraltar and launch tax investigations into thousands of British property owners in parts of Spain.

Two referendums in the past 50 years

At least 30,000 people reside in Gibraltar where has been a British territory for about 300 years. Moreover, a 6.7 km-long rocky outcrop on its southern tip causes a dispute of belonging to which side between Spain and Britain time to time.

With the 1713 Treaty of Utrecht, Spain gave Gibraltar back to Britain. In 1950s, Spanish General Francisco Franco argued that Gibraltar was under the dominance of Spain and closed Spain's Gibraltar border for 13 years. With two referendums held in 1967 and 2002, people of Gibraltar were asked to be "wishing to remain under sovereignty of Britain or not" and majority of the people preferred to remain under British territory.

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Briton - 8 yıl Önce

What is it with these spanish speaking countries sabre rattling? (Argentina & Spain)Stupid squabbles to misdirect from their own problems.