Greece approves new austerity measures amid protests

Demonstrators hurl fish at Athens police as lawmakers approve controversial reform measures

Greece approves new austerity measures amid protests

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The Greek parliament approved a new set of austerity measures on Friday afternoon, amid angry protests in Athens.

Out of 300 Greek lawmakers, only 237 voted. A majority, 153, voted in favor while 84 voted against the new bill which will bring more austerity to the crisis-stricken EU country.

The bill includes pension and labor reforms, as well as fishing regulations, all of which the country's lenders consider a prerequisite for the completion of the second review of Greece's bailout program.

While lawmakers were discussing the bill, protesters from the All Workers Militant Front, a labor union of the Greek Communist Party, blocked the side entrance of parliament in Athens.

A few hundred demonstrators chanted, demanding the government step down and hurled crates of fish at police officers guarding the gates.

Greece is currently on the verge of a financial breakdown, as its lenders have not yet agreed to unlock further funding. Athens needs to pay back about €7.5 billion ($8.4 billion) in mid-July.

The vote came a week ahead of a Eurozone finance ministers' meeting in Brussels, on Thursday, to discuss Greece's bailout program.

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