Greece debt talks drama will be final next week

Slovak finance minister says Greece talks over weekend will be final

Greece debt talks drama will be final next week

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Slovak Finance Minister Peter Kazimir said on Friday talks with Greece this weekend to clinch a deal to avert default next week would likely drag on to Sunday, and would be the last on the issue.

After failing to reach agreement with international creditors on Thursday, Greece is facing a last-ditch effort on Saturday, when Eurogroup ministers meet, to nail down a cash-for-reform deal.

"We are all fed up. I realistically expect negotiations to drag on until Sunday," Kazimir said.

"This is really the last meeting on this issue. We are travelling to Brussels to either approve an agreement... Or if there is no agreement we will talk about technical details of the bankruptcy of one euro zone member."

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has said the Eurogroup ministers meeting on Saturday would be "of decisive importance".

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