Greece 'not the only eurozone country facing debt'

According to IMF data, Greece is followed by Italy, Portugal, Ireland, Greek Cypriot administration and Belgium in a list of countries with high debts compared to their GDP

Greece 'not the only eurozone country facing debt'

World Bulletin / News Desk

Six eurozone nations are among 10 countries with the highest percentage of debts compared to their Gross Domestic Product (GDP), data from the International Monetary Fund has revealed.

According to data compiled through the official IMF website, Greece, which was unable to pay €1.6 billion to the IMF this week, is followed by a list of Eurozone problematic states, including Italy, Portugal, Ireland, Greek Cypriot administration and Belgium.

According to the IMF data, Japan leads the list of countries with the highest debt compared to its Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Tokyo in 2014 had a debt, which stood at around 246.4 percent of its GDP.

Greece came in the second position with its debt standing at 177.2 percent of the GDP.

Jamaica owes a debt of 140.6 percent of the GDP, followed by Lebanon with 134.4 percent of the GDP.

Italy was positioned fifth in the world and second in the eurozone area with debt standing at 132.1 percent of the GDP in 2014. Italy, with an economy of 2.1 trillion dollars, in 2015 is foreseen to have a debt standing at 133.8 percent of its GDP.

Italy is followed by Portugal, whose debt stands at 130.2 of the GDP; Ireland (109.5 per cent of the GDP), Greek Cypriot administration (107.1 percent of the GDP) and Belgium (105.6 per cent of the GDP).

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