Greek PM urges to vote 'No'

Greek PM urges 'No' to aid deal, says Athens won't leave the euro

Greek PM urges to vote 'No'

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Greece's left-wing prime minister urged Greeks on Monday to reject the terms of an international aid deal in a July 5 referendum, dismissing warnings that a 'No' vote would drive Athens out of Europe's currency union.

"I don't think that their plan is to push Greece out of the euro but to end hopes that there can be different policies in Europe," Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras told Greek state television.

He said the stronger the vote to reject the reform-for-aid deal, the stronger the Greek hand in any negotiations that may follow.

Greek PM says he won't be the one to pursue austerity

Greece's left-wing government will respect a Greek decision to press ahead with austerity long-term, "but we will not be the ones to carry it out," Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras said on Monday.

Tsipras said the result of a referendum on a reform-for-aid deal with international creditors would be implemented, whichever way it goes. But, he added: "if the Greek people want to proceed with austerity plans in perpetuity, which will leave us unable to lift our heads ... we will respect it, but we will not be the ones to carry it out."

Tsipras said he stood ready to talk to European leaders to salvage negotiations, with a Greek default looming on Tuesday. If they were to offer a deal on Monday, Greece would pay its debt due on Tuesday.

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