Greek soldiers threaten Turks, Albanians, Kosovans

Greek soldiers a fimed vowing to nvade Cyprus and Macedonia and claim the Hagia Sofia in Istanbul.

Greek soldiers threaten Turks, Albanians, Kosovans

World Bulletin / News Desk

Video footage of the Greek army chanting hateful slogans against Turks, Macedonians and Albanians has appeared on Kosovan national TV.

The leaked footage shows around 50 Greek soldiers 'strengthening their national spirit' by singing songs about how they want to "drink blood of Turks, Albanians and Kosovans in the mountains."

"Hagia Sofia will be the Greeks again and Cyprus and Macedonia will belong to Greece," they are heard saying as they train, evoking the 'megalo idea' of Greater Greece.

The video, which is now under investigation, drew huge condemnation in Albania and Kosovo after it was aired.

Güncelleme Tarihi: 09 Ağustos 2014, 16:11