Hamburg protesters breach 'danger zones'

German police in Hamburg have introduced 'danger zones' after a week of protests by leftist elements.

Hamburg protesters breach 'danger zones'

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As anti-government protests rage across the German city of Hamburg, German police have increased their stop, search and arrest powers in so called ‘danger zones’ in the city’s Altona, Sankt Pauli and Stemschanze districts after a far-left group attacked a police station last week.

Since enforcing this new measure, 263 people have been subject to identity checks, with 62 of them being denied access after they were found with masks and metal bars.
Joachim Lenders, the head of the German Police Union in the Hamburg province announced that the reward for the capture of those who attacked the Davidwache police station last week has gone up from €8,000 to €10,000.

The decision to enforce ‘danger zones’ to the city has been criticized by the Greens Party, the Left Party and the Free Democrat Party, with Christiane Schneider of the Left Party complaining that it is in breach of the law.

The protests that started after the authorities in Hamburg closed down the Rote Flora cultural center, angering many left-wing supporters. In the following clashes, up to 120 police and 500 protesters were injured.

Despite the ‘danger zones’, as many as 60 people managed to sneak into the districts and chant leftist slogans last night. As many as 40 ‘leftist extremists’ were arrested after they were found with potentially dangerous weapons, including emergency glass-breakers taken from buses. One protester was arrested for carrying a toilet brush.

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