Harsh winter adds to woes of migrants in limbo in Paris

Migrants complain of mistreatment, lack of proper shelters as they live on edge near Paris canal

Harsh winter adds to woes of migrants in limbo in Paris

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It’s near freezing and the little tents along the Parisian canal are the only shelters for hundreds of migrants from war-torn, violence-wracked countries.

Running away from wars, misery and turmoil, they have somehow ended up in the French capital after a long and painful journey, and yet there is no respite for them even in one of the wealthiest places in Europe. The New Year began for them without food, home or money.

Anadolu Agency found a group of young migrants trying to warm themselves up around a fire outside as they made an effort to survive the night.

In the morning, they said, they planned to rush to charity centers where they could get some coffee, bread and fruits after waiting in long queues.

Zahir said it had been seven months since he arrived in Paris -- a place that lacks humanity, according to him.

“I am here in France for the last seven months and I have been sleeping outside for the last seven months; all these people are migrants and they sleep outside.

“They used to say that there is humanity in Europe. I had heard that in countries like Germany, France, there is too much love for humanity but what I saw in here is that there is no humanity or love for humanity.

“They mistreat the migrants, we are being verbally harassed, and nobody cares,” he said.

Another migrant Abad, who is a Pakistani, also had the same lament.

“We have never experienced such humiliation anywhere in Europe than what we have gone through in Paris,” he said.

Migrants, who can be seen sleeping out in the open on the streets of Paris, are mainly coming from Afghanistan, Pakistan, and African and Middle-Eastern countries.

Many of them have set their tents on the banks of Canal St. Martin and Porte de la Chapelle neighborhood, which are next to an asylum application center.

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