Headscarf ban lifted for Muslim women in Germany

A German court has lifted the ban for Muslim women to wear their hijab whilst practicing their profession.

Headscarf ban lifted for Muslim women in Germany

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The German Constitutional Court liberalized the head-scarf in North Rh ine-Westphalia, Germany's most populous federal state.

Two Muslim women, a teacher and a social pedagogue, felt they were being tormented because of the head-scarf ban. Since they desired to live their religious lifestyle liberally and in peace, the women had appealed to the German Constitutional Court so they could bring an important constituent of their faith into their lives.

The North Rh ine-Westphalia state`s head-scarf ban was discussed in the German Constitutional Court`s last session and ruled that the prohibition was not compatible for their constitution.

The original ban, first brought about in 2003, was based on the affect that headscarves can be influencing disruption in the classroom. Previously, it had raised questions about whether a teacher wearing a headscarf could remain neutral.

The teacher's head-scarf ban was also lifted before in Bremen. The new ruling will most likely set the pace for other states to follow suite.

In May, the Federal Constitutional Court overturned the headscarf ban saying the ban was not in line with the country's constitution.

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