Hundreds commemorate Duggan, spark of London riots

The group including Mark Duggan's aunt protested the decision of of the court, yet called for calm releasing doves to the air.

Hundreds commemorate Duggan, spark of London riots

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Mark Duggan, a 29-year-old murdered by British police, was commemorated following the court inquest in northern London regarding his death.

Hundreds gathered in front of Tottenham police station in northern London carrying banners reading "Justice for Mark Duggan", while police have beefed up security measures in the area to prevent riots similar to that of 2011.

Carole Duggan, the aunt of Mark Duggan delivered a speech before the station saying, "We need so show the country that we are not a gangster family like the media has portrayed us, we are just an ordinary family."

She reminded that they gathered to show their respect to Mark Duggan. "He was not treated fairly but our struggle will continue though," aunt Duggan noted.

"Mark did not get the justice he deserved," she said, adding the media had "slandered my family".

The ceremony continued with emotional call and response chants of "no justice, no peace" and "who are the murderers? The police are the murders," before ending with a brief burst of “We shall overcome” followed by a release of around 20 white doves.

Tottenham Police Station was closed throughout the programme.

No illegal treatment by police 

British PM David Cameron expressed his pleasure over aunt Duggan's call for calm, and said,  "I very much respect Mark Duggan's aunt for saying 'pursue the case in the courts and not the street'."

"There is no illegal treatment by police", the jury of high court in London announced this week. After the decision, Duggan family told they will strive in accordance with legal procedures.

Mark Duggan (29) was murdered in August 2011 claiming he was a gangster. The incident sparked protests around the Tottenham police station, spreading across the capital.


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