Hungary bans people from living in public areas

Penalties for homeless include either cash or prison time

Hungary bans people from living in public areas

A law prohibiting people from living in the public areas of Hungary came into force on Monday.

On June 20, the National Assembly of Hungary ratified the law and came into force as of Oct. 15 -- banning the homeless to live in public areas. 

According to the new amendment, a homeless person could face fines or even jail time if he or she continues to live on the streets despite being warned by police three times. 

Country's State Secretary for Social Affairs Attila Fulop commented on the law and said the homeless could continue living their lives at the facilities across the country with 19,000 beds and meet their food and sanitary needs at these facilities.

It is estimated that there are about 20,000 homeless people in Hungary’s 9.7 million population.