Israel to pay $850 million to Lebanon for 2006 oil spill

Ban Ki Moon orders Israel to pay $850 million to foot the bill for strike on fuel tank that caused fuel spill into the Mediterranean.

Israel to pay $850 million to Lebanon for 2006 oil spill

World Bulletin / News Desk

The UN General Assembly has ruled that Israel must compensate Lebanon $850 million after it found that during the 2006 war, an Israeli airstrike targeted a fuel tank that caused an oil spill into the Meditteranean.

170 countries voted yes to the bill, with only 6 countries opposing and three countries remained neutral. The 6 countries that opposed the bill was Israel, US, Canada, Australia, Micronesia, and the Marshall islands. Israel's UN representative said that was a biased decision against Israel and that they had contributed to the cleaning of the oil spill.

In his written statement, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon said that the damages were caused by Israel and they were to be held responsible for the spill and that Lebanon and Syria were deeply saddened over the issue.



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