Israeli calls Muslims Nazis at rally

An Israeli man has called all Muslims the true Nazis, murderers and rapists and said that the crowd must never be ashamed of their past.

Israeli calls Muslims Nazis at rally

World Bulletin / News Desk

An Israeli man has equated Muslims with Nazis, murderers and rapists at a Frankfurt PEGIDA rally and implored the crowd to be proud of their past and "not be ashamed". Labelling Muslims as the true Nazis, the man describes himself as an Israeli with German ethnicity during the rally. In the video he goes on to say that he forgives Germany for the genocide inflicted during World War II.

The rally was organised by Pegida, which in recent months has seen an increasing amount of people in attendance to their rallies with some numbering in the thousands. Smaller Pegida offshoots have spread to other parts of Germany and then held their first anti-Islam rally in Vienna, Austria.

With 1,200 police officers deployed in Austria's capital as a precaution, around 250 marchers carrying Austrian flags and chanting "we are the people" faced off against a like number of protestors shouting "down with PEGIDA".

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