Italy hands over Mukhtar files to Libya

Italy has handed over documents about the execution of Libyan hero Omar al-Mukhtar to the Libyan authorities.

Italy hands over Mukhtar files to Libya

World Bulletin / News Desk

The Italian government has handed documents detailing the execution of Libyan national hero Omar al-Mukhtar during Italy’s occupation of Libya to the Libyan authorities.  

This comes after the spokesman for the Libyan Ministry of Culture visited the Italian city of Rome on Friday to agree the handover from the Italian National Archives. The documents contain the dialogue between Omar al-Mukhtar and Italian agents during his interrogation. Maps drawn up by the Italians and photographs of Libyan cities were also included in the package.

Nicknamed the ‘Lion of the Desert by his people, Omar al-Mukhtar became well-known for developing modern warfare tactics in his struggle for Libyan freedom from the Italian occupation. In addition to being a skilled fighter and military leader, he was a well-respected Islamic teacher. After avoiding capture for 20 years, he was finally wounded in a battle on 11 September 1931, and then hanged just five days later.

As well as being the month in which Mukhtar was martyred, September is also the month in which Italy declared war against the Ottoman Empire, resulting in the occupation of Libya. 29 September will mark the 101st anniversary since the invasion.

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