Italy will increase it's debt

Italy despite promises, it will increase its debt next year.

Italy will increase it's debt

With money secured by new debts, the populist government of "Five Stars" and "Lega Nord" seeks to cut taxes and increase citizen incomes, thus fulfilling electoral promises.

But in Brussels, official Rome moves are being followed with concern. A crash between the Commission and Italy is not in our interest, says European Commissioner for Economic Affairs Pierre Moscovici, but it should not violate the rules and not reduce debts.

Even the Italian President of the European Parliament, Antonio Tajani, is very concerned about such an economic maneuver, which according to him is not for the benefit of the people as it may seem, because it will create problems in the north of the country without settling in the meantime those of the south.

Tajani argues that the tremendous trumpet movement by the Italian executive will push the country even more into dependence on lender's tactics.