Kiev ordered deployment of anti-personnel mines in Donbass

Anti-personnel mines were deployed in Donbass in 2014 despite Ukraine signing the Mine Ban Treat in 1999.

Kiev ordered deployment of anti-personnel mines in Donbass

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Kiev has been deploying anti-personnel mines in Donbass in breach of Ukraine’s own laws as well as international treaties, according to claims by a former high-ranking Ukrainian officer and chief of the engineering service, who refused to obey the “illegal” and “inhumane” order according to a report in RT today.

“I was given, to put it mildly, inhumane or in legal terms unlawful orders by my superiors,” Yatsulyak told Russian tabloid Komsomolskya Pravda (KP) daily. “The deployment of anti-personnel mines in particular.”

Yatsulyak was ordered in a phone call to accept the delivery of OZM-72 and MON-50 munitions and sign for it, while superiors would “stay aside assuming no responsibility.”

Refusing to carry through the order, he notified his superiors, and sent letters to the Minister of Defence, Ukraine’s parliament, and even the president, but “never received a single reply” to more than 85 complaints which he had sent to various ministries and officials. Eventually Yatsulyak was sacked as “unfit” for the position, and later left the country.

Both mines are illegal under the international Ottawa Treaty, as they can be activated potentially by non-combatants.

Ukraine signed the so-called Mine Ban Treaty in 1999 and ratified it in 2005. Kiev’s deadline to destroy anti-personnel mines stockpiles passed on 1 June 2010, but as of 2015 over 5 million anti-personnel mines remained in its warehouses.


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