Killing that sparked London riots ruled 'lawful'

A British court has ruled that the shooting dead of Mark Duggan by police in August 2011 was lawful, while Duggan's family claims he was 'executed.'

Killing that sparked London riots ruled 'lawful'

World Bulletin / News Desk

Tensions are running high on the streets of the British capital London today after a court ruled that the killing of a young man in August 2011 by police was lawful.

Mark Duggan was shot dead by police in the London borough of Haringey after police surrounded the vehicle he was traveling in. Reports say that Duggan was killed after police reported seeing a gun in his hand. However, upon inspection, it was found that the gun he was reportedly carrying was 6 meters away from where he had been shot, suggesting that he had tossed the weapon and was unarmed when killed.

A day after the killing, police publicly beat a 16-year-old girl with batons for individually protesting outside the local police station, demanding answers for Duggan’s death. The attack on the girl, which was filmed and uploaded onto YouTube, triggered a wave of anger across the city directed at the police force. Riots soon spread to different areas of London, and then to other cities up and down the country.

Scuffles immediately broke out after the Royal Courts of Justice ruled the killing to be legal on Wednesday night, with Duggan’s aunt claiming that he had been ‘executed.’ Protesters outside the court chanted ‘murderers’ as the verdict was announced.

Despite refusing to meet with London’s Metropolitan police chief after the verdict, Duggan’s family called for calm on the streets and vowed to fight for justice peacefully.

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