Leaked report reveals corruption in UK police and judiciary

Details of Operation Tiberius in 2003 have been made public, showing instances of corruption across the British police force and judiciary.

Leaked report reveals corruption in UK police and judiciary

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A newly leaked report has suggested that criminal crime gangs have infiltrated the British criminal justice system.

Revealing details of Operation Tiberius in 2003, the leaked intelligence report from Scotland Yard, the UK police headquarters, to The Independent newspaper suggested that criminal gangs were operating within the judiciary, police force and prison service, with corruption and bribery rampant throughout the system.

The report also claims that prisoners were buying their way out of prison and that even simple murder investigations were at risk of being compromised by corrupt officials. It also claimed that criminal gangs were easily able to infiltrate the police force ‘at will.’

“Witnesses terrified into silence, dodgy jurors, bent lawyers, bent policemen and bent CPS clerks – all are part of the same cancer eating away at justice,” the report concluded.

One man whose brother was murdered in 1987 before he could reveal the relationship between London’s Metropolitan Police and criminal gangs, Alastair Morgan, told The Independent, “The police have no desire to tackle this. It would be too damaging to have it all aired in open court. The Met is a highly political organization.”

A statement from Scotland Yard said that it would take all allegations made against it ‘extremely seriously.’

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Interested - 8 yıl Önce

Scotland Yard (actually New Scotland Yard) is the headquarters of the Metropolitan Police not the UK police - there is no such thing as a UK police force, indeed Police Scotland is completely separate from the forces within England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Getting something as basic as that incorrect must cast doubt on the accuracy of other assertions in this article.