Madrid gives green light to new Catalan separatist govt

The central government last month recognized the powers of newly-elected Catalan president Quim Torra but refused to ratify his choice of councilors because four of them face charges linked to a failed independence drive, calling their nomination "a new provocation".

Madrid gives green light to new Catalan separatist govt

World Bulletin / News Desk

Spain gave its green light Friday to a new separatist executive in Catalonia that does not include jailed or exiled former ministers, paving the way for Madrid to end direct rule over the region.

But earlier this week, Torra nominated a new administration which did not include them.

The names were subsequently published in Friday's edition of the official journal of the Catalan government.

With Catalonia currently under direct rule by Madrid after its now-deposed leaders tried to break from Spain in October, publishing an item in the official journal can only be done with the green light of the central government.

Madrid had refused to officially publish the composition of the first executive announced on May 19 by Torra.

Now, the new Catalan government will be allowed to assume its duties, and when it does, Madrid's direct rule over the wealthy, northeastern region will automatically be lifted.

Güncelleme Tarihi: 01 Haziran 2018, 11:56