Mafia spectre haunting Italy spreading to cyberspace

Gangrenous and omnipresent in the south, the country's various criminal networks are as powerful as ever and are also developing in the wealthier, industrialised north, a major conference on the fight against organised crime was told.

Mafia spectre haunting Italy spreading to cyberspace

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A week after the death of Cosa Nostra boss Toto Riina, key figures in Italy's judiciary and police have warned the mafia's tentacles are extending into the virtual world.

"The mafia has not won, but it has not lost either," Justice Minister Andrea Orlando said in the keynote speech.

The two-day gathering, which concluded Friday, was the culmination of a year of research and reflection involving more than 220 experts.

"For years we have had the most extensive anti-mafia legislation in place, we have been mounting operations non-stop for 25 years, how is it possible that the mafias can still be so powerful?" asked Franco Roberti, who was the national anti-mafia prosecutor until last week.

Thousands of mobsters are behind bars and more than 30 billion euros ($35 billion) of ill-gotten assets have been seized in the last two decades.

Yet still the clan and family-based networks of 'Ndrangheta (based in Calabria in Italy's deep south), the Camorra (in and around Naples), Cosa Nostra (Sicily) and the lesser-known Sacra Corona Unita (Puglia), continue to flourish, at home and abroad.

"They accumulate money in incredible proportions, and this cash ends up in our economy, in companies, in activities that are often run by honest and respectable people," said Roberti's successor, Federico Cafiero De Raho.

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