Malta votes as corruption clouds bright outlook

Pre-vote polls pointed to 43-year-old Muscat's Labour Party (PL) retaining power, four years after it swept into office on a redistributive, pro-business and socially liberal platform which has sustained Malta's recent economic success story.

Malta votes as corruption clouds bright outlook

World Bulletin / News Desk

Maltese voters flocked to the ballot boxes Saturday in an early general election called against a backdrop of corruption allegations that have cast a shadow over Joseph Muscat's government and the island nation's thriving economy.

But with an unusually high number of undecided voters, analysts had not ruled out a surprise change of government as a result of the fallout from the so-called Panama Papers revelations.

It will not be known until Sunday if Muscat is to become the latest political casualty of the data leak from Panama law firm Mossack Fonseca, which has already forced the Icelandic prime minister and the Spanish industry minister to resign.

Simon Busuttil, leader of the opposition Nationalist Party (PN), has framed the vote as a choice between change and allowing Malta's international reputation, and its prosperity, to be shredded by a series of scandals.

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