May braces for second defeat over Brexit bill

The bill empowering May to start the exit process has already been held up by a week after peers voted on March 1 for an amendment guaranteeing the rights of European citizens living in Britain.

May braces for second defeat over Brexit bill

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British Prime Minister Theresa May is facing a second defeat in the House of Lords on whether to give parliament the final say on leaving the EU but her timetable for triggering Brexit by the end of the month remains on track.

Members of the unelected upper chamber are on Tuesday expected to back a second change that would give parliament a vote on the final withdrawal deal and any future trade ties with the European Union.

May is confident the bill will pass in time to meet her deadline of triggering Article 50 of the EU's Lisbon Treaty, which begins the two-year withdrawal process, by the end of March.

But a second defeat would be blow to the Conservative leader, potentially bind her hands in the forthcoming negotiations, and further delay the bill by setting up a stand-off between the House of Lords and the elected lower House of Commons.

It would also be a further sign of the domestic opposition she could face as she negotiates Brexit, prompting calls from some Conservatives for a snap election to increase her currently slim majority in the Commons.

"The government could face many close votes, concessions or defeats as it tries to implement Brexit," former party leader William Hague wrote in the Daily Telegraph.

The Conservatives are currently well ahead in opinion polls, but changing the law to bring the election forward from 2020 would not be easy, and for now Downing Street is publicly ruling it out.

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