May calls for businesses to invest in post-Brexit UK

Post-Brexit Britain will give businesses lowest tax rate of G20 countries, prime minister says

May calls for businesses to invest in post-Brexit UK

British Prime Minister called for businesses on Wednesday to invest in a post-Britain U.K., by praising free trade, innovation and cooperation between trading partners. 

With uncertainty surrounding the U.K. leaving the European Union, May said Britain’s relationship with the EU will change, but the two will continue to be close trade partners.

"We are looking for a frictionless trade," May said in her speech at Bloomberg Global Business Forum 2018 held in New York. 

Looking beyond the EU, she said the U.K. wants to engage in the "most ambitious" trade relations with other countries and businesses around the world. 

"Whatever is your business, if you invest in post-Brexit Britain, we will give you the lowest tax rate in [the] G20," May said. 

"We are seeing more investment in [the] U.K. in [the] past three years, compared to [the] rest of the EU combined," she said, adding "Post-Brexit Britain will be a trusted partner and will face the challenges of global economy."

May also called for a change in the World Trade Organization (WTO), saying it should adapt to changes in global economy. 

"We need to give the WTO a broad ambitious mandate reform to maintain trust in the system," she said, highlighting some of the issues such as legitimacy and transparency.