May making 'huge mistake' with hard Brexit

"I think that Theresa May and her government are making a huge mistake."

May making 'huge mistake' with hard Brexit

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British Prime Minister Theresa May is making a "huge mistake" by heading for a hard Brexit -- severing ties with the European single market, former deputy prime minister Nick Clegg told AFP.

"I didn't meet a single voter who voted for Brexit who wanted to see British exporters being damaged and the City of London being cut off from the single market," the 49-year-old former Liberal Democrat leader said in an interview.

In a speech on Sunday, the prime minister said she would begin Brexit negotiations by the end of March and would prioritise controlling immigration.

Experts say that to curb immigration -- one of the key issues during the June 23 referendum -- Britain may have to leave the single market, which allows free movement of people.

But opponents including business leaders have called for a more gradual exit that would retain access to the single market.

And on Tuesday, the pound dropped to a 31-year-low against the dollar as the markets began to price in a higher likelihood of a "hard" Brexit.

Clegg, his party's spokesman on Brexit, said it was becoming clear that the government was taking a "fairly aggressive and confrontational approach" and he was "very perplexed" by the strategy.

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