Merkel condemns Nuland's comment on Ukraine

Merkel finds the disparaging remarks of US diplomats about the EU's role in the Ukrainian crisis "unacceptable".

Merkel condemns Nuland's comment on Ukraine

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German Chancellor Angela Merkel finds the disparaging remarks of U.S. diplomats about the European Union's role in the Ukrainian crisis "totally unacceptable", a spokeswoman said on Friday.

In a leaked conversation posted on Youtube, State Department official Victoria Nuland tells the U.S. ambassador to Ukraine in a discussion about the strategy for political transition "f..k the EU". She has apologised to EU officials.

German spokeswoman Christiane Wirtz said Merkel appreciated the work of EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton, who has led the bloc's efforts to mediate between President Viktor Yanukovich and his opponents who have taken to the streets.

"The chancellor finds these remarks totally unacceptable and wants to emphasise that Mrs Ashton is doing an outstanding job," Wirtz told a news conference.

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