Merkel welcomes EU agreement to control migration

German chancellor says EU to seek closer cooperation with African countries to ensure ‘win-win solution’

Merkel welcomes EU agreement to control migration

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German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Friday welcomed an agreement among the EU member states to step up joint efforts to stem illegal migration.

Speaking to reporters in Brussels following more than 10-hour-long negotiations among the EU leaders, Merkel said they achieved significant progress towards a common policy.

“It’s a positive signal that we have agreed on a joint text after intensive discussions on perhaps the most challenging issue for the EU,” she said, referring to the deep divisions among member states on migration.

Merkel underlined that the EU would step up efforts to better secure EU’s external borders, combat smugglers, and would seek closer cooperation with African countries in addressing irregular refugee flows.

“We would like to work in partnership with Africa,” she stressed, and argued for addressing the root causes of the illegal migration.

“It is the only way to really achieve a win-win situation,” she added.

The measures agreed by the EU member states included setting up “migrant camps” inside and outside the EU, where asylum seekers would be forced to stay when their applications are examined by the authorities.

EU leaders agreed that member states, on a voluntary basis, would set up “control centers” on their soil, transfer asylum seekers to these centers and process their applications there.

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