Mosque attacked in Germany second time /PHOTO

Swastika signs and some Islamophobic writings were made on the walls of the mosque, including phrases that said, "Germany belongs to Germans." Abusive words were also used that said Muslim culture didn’t belong in Germany.

Mosque attacked in Germany second time /PHOTO

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A mosque that is currently under construction, named Suleymaniye Mosque, in the German suburb of Dormagen was attacked once more after the first time attacked on December 22, 2014.

The second attack in three weeks, anti-Muslim and racist slogans as well as a swastika were painted on the walls of the mosque. Turkey's Dusseldorf consolate Alaattin Temur visited the mosque after the second attack and received information from the officials.

Condemning the racist and Islamophobic attack on the mosque, chairperson of the Turkish-Islamic Union for Religious Affairs Prof. Dr. Nevzat Yasar Asikoglu said the first attack on the mosque took place on Dec. 20, 2014 and authorities were asked to take necessary steps to provide protection for the place of worship.

"However, this is really sad that an attack took place for the second time," Asikoglu said. 

In a statement, the union also said that such kinds of attacks created worry and fear among the Muslim community in Germany.

After the first attack, 500,000 Euro reward had been posted but there have been not any progress with the investigation. 

Dursun Pekdemir, who is the mosque representative said that extreme right wing members had also written anti-Islamic slogans on the walls in 2012 when the mosque had first started construction. Pekdemir said that the attackers had written “dirty Muslims”,“Germany is the land of Germans” and "Your dirty culture not belong here" on the walls along with the nazi symbol.

According to a new study, Germans had become more intolerant of Islam in recent years and some also held prejudices against Muslim immigrants in the country.

A total of 57 percent German non-Muslims said in November 2014 that they perceived Islam as a threat, a rise of four percent since 2012, according to a representative poll conducted for the Bertelsmann Foundation.

Located between Cologne and Dusseldorf, there are nearly 4,500 Turks in the city. The mosque being built in Dormagen covers 11,500 square metres and will include a place of prayer, conference room and space for social activities. The cost of the project comes to 3.5million Euros.

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