Muslims in Holland start campaign after Paris attack

Muslims in Holland get into action against the conception associates Islam with the Charlie Hebdo attack which left 12 deads.

Muslims in Holland start campaign after Paris attack

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A group of Muslims in Holland stars an online campaign titled “Not my Islam” (Niet mijn Islam)
which recieves 11 thousands people's suppert at the very first day.

Group members who identify themselves as “the silent majority who respects Holland's democratic system” thinks murder and barbarism cannot be linked to Islam.

The group also suppert many protest take place in different parts of Holland censuring the Paris attack.

Abdurrahman Akbulut, one of the leading figure of the campaign, says they cannot accept the using of Allah's name for an act of murder, referring the killers shouts during the shooting.

According to Akbulut, attributing terrorist attacks to Islam raises the islamophobia especially in Europe and all around the world.

Attacks raises prejudice against Islam

Akbulut adds that Muslims in Europe face discrimintaion because of islamophobia. Many women with headscarves undergo verbal attacks and have problems of employement.

“Real Muslims never murder or terrorize. Islam should be protected from barbarians. We aim by this campaign to avoid islamophobia rise,” he states and believes that this campaign will help people break their prejudice about Islam.

As an European Muslim he thinks this is a necessary step to live together pecaefully. 

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