Negotiations for Brexit, Theresa May with a backup plan

As a result of the European Union's controversy over the Brexit plan approved by the British government, Prime Minister Theresa May seems to be considering the possibility of early elections in Great Britain.

Negotiations for Brexit, Theresa May with a backup plan

British Prime minister Theresa May has given its political advisers the chance to hold early elections in November this year. Thus, it aims to regain the support of the people for its work as head of government. In London there was also demand for a new referendum for Brexit, where the British people would once again say his opinion on this decision.

Brexit negotiations have been embarrassed and currently, it is not known how they will end. May will be pressured on Monday by her party to renounce her plan and come up with a solution.

Former British Secretary for Brexit, David Davis, and other pro-Brexit conservatives are supporting a report by the Institute for Economic Affairs, which also contains an alternative plan for EU exit. The launch of this report will come just a few hours before Prime Minister Theresa May faces her cabinet for the first time since the failure at the Salzburg Summit.