Neocon campaign plays with the British vote

A new study by a right wing group argues that the Muslim vote could dictate who wins in around half of the UK’s 193 marginal seats.

Neocon campaign plays with the British vote

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A study by the British based  right wing Henry Jackson Society claims to be the first study that gives a religious breakdown of electoral constituencies and carefully avoids claiming that British Muslims block vote en masse.

Writing on the HJS website, the author of the report Dr Alan Mendoza said: “Though members of minority religions in a particular constituency will not necessarily vote in a uniform manner, there are some scenarios in which the presence of a religious minority has significant potential influence on the outcome, particularly within marginal seats.

“Among the 93 marginal seats where one or more minority religions outweighs the margin of victory, Islam outweighs the majority vote in 90 (96.9 percent); Hindus in 40 (43.0 percent); Sikhs in 25 (26.9 percent); Buddhists in 15 (16.1 percent); and Jews in 11 (11.8 percent).”

At this current stage, which party British Muslims will vote for remains unclear especially consider in recent times with a backdrop of foreign wars, UK support for Israel and repressive Gulf States, and the decrease of civil liberties in the name of national security.

There has also been a  broad shift in opinion amongst young Muslims away from the parties to whichthey had previously been loyal to.

A young journalist, Assed Baig, 34, said that the impact of the of the Iraq war on Muslims perceptions of the Labour party, a strong Muslim backed party was "massive" and resulted in an alienation of thousands of supporters. He added that, “The elders in the community generally stayed loyal, meaning the party members. But it also meant loads just didn't vote. Basically if you're an inner city Muslim, slugging it out, who appeals to you? No one,” Baig said.



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