New Turkish Cyprus President vows peace talks with Greeks

Dervis Eroglu said that he would make an overall situation assessment with Turkey after taking oath in the Republican Assembly.

New Turkish Cyprus President vows peace talks with Greeks

Dervis Eroglu, who won the presidential elections in Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) said on Sunday that he would make an overall situation assessment with Turkey after taking oath in the Republican Assembly.

TRNC Prime Minister and chairman of National Unity Party (UBP) Eroglu said there were six main chapters on the negotiation table aiming to solve Cyprus question. "As no agreement could be reached so far during ongoing negotiations, all the issues would be discussed at the negotiating table and all the parties will struggle to find a way to reach compromise."

Eroglu said he did not run for the president to obstruct the negotiation table but would endeavor for a solution, underlining that it would not be the Turkish Cypriot party that would leave the table.

Anadolu news agency quoted Eroglu as saying, he would form his own delegation for negotiations and start working.

"It is the Turkish Cypriot people suffering from the status quo. Despite all the peaceful efforts, Turkish Cypriot people all still under blockade and embargoes," Eroglu said and noted that, "to this end, we favor a solution to the problem."

Eroglu said TRNC and its people had difficulty in understanding why they were imposed to embargoes, noting that TRNC was not trying to make an atomic bomb and expected all the states, mainly the EU, to remove the embargoes.

Eroglu said he would also form national council and public council he pledged to Turkish cypriots.

New TRNC President said he worked as prime minister for years and was in cooperation with the Turkish governments, "Eroglu has not become a candidate to obstruct the negotiating table. He run for president to defend rights of Turkish Cypriot people on the negotiating table and to make their voice heard in the world. Whatever have been said, we favor a solution. It should be an agreement that do not have a 3-year life. It should have continuity. There are criteria for this, all those will be discussed in the negotiating table," he said.

"I know how to work as government in Cyprus under embargoes by working as prime minister for 18 years. Being a person experiencing the incidents from 1963 to 1974 I believe in a peace agreement in Cyprus. We will endeavor to make two cypriot people to live in peace. There is no reason not to make an agreement in case the other party displays the same approach. We will be struggling for an agreement under the light of the facts," he said.

"Gained rights on table"

Eroglu attended celebrations held to mark his victory, and thanked to those who supported him in elections.

Eroglu said during his term in office as president, he would be endeavoring for an agreement ensuring Turkish Cypriot people live on its own land with honor, and noted that they would be determinant not to leave the gained rights on the table.

Eroglu said they have been struggling in TRNC for years for Turkish Cypriot people to live in confidence in their own land, stating that the presidential palace and the voice in the negotiating table belonged to Turkish Cypriot people.

"Everybody has seen that TRNC is a democratic state, people adopted democracy and its people voted to reflect their will without any saddening incident in a very important election like this. TV channels of the world are here. This means TRNC is a fact. It exists with its democracy and all its institutions and organizations and we will struggle in the negotiating table under the light of all those facts."

"Definitely, the agreement will be a partnership that will be established by two sovereign states," Eroglu said and noted that he would sit at negotiation table with Greek Cypriot leader Demetris Christofias and try to find a common way of solution.

TRNC Higher Electoral Board hopes to announce formal results on Monday. In case the formal results are announced on Monday, Eroglu will take oath in the Republican Assembly that will convene on Tuesday.

"Greek reaction"

Eroglu told a press conference shortly after the announcement of the onofficial results, that no one should pay heed to claims that he was uncomprmising and settlement talks would break.

He said he would not be the one who left the negotaion table, expressing hope that they would solve the Cyprus issue with Christofias within a time table.

Eroglu said that he had a brief chance to chat with Christofias during UN Secteraty General Ban Ki-Moon's visit to the island.

He said Christofias told him "we can easily solve the Cyprus issue Talat moves out of the way."

The first remark from the Greek Cypriot Adminsitration on Eroglu's victory came from spokesman Stefanos Stefanu.

Reuters news agency quoted Eroglu's comments regarding Eroglu's victory as a "negative development".

"His election is a negative development, bearing in mind the positions that Mr Eroglu has and expresses," said Stefanou.

"What is important now is to get to the fundamentals of this development, how we will handle matters, what our tactics will be, so that we are able to implement the aims of a solution," Stefanou said.

"New parliament balance"

National Unity Party (UBP) deputy from Lefkosa, Tahsin Ertugruloglu, became a candidate for the TRNC presidency and so his membership with the UBP ended. As such, UBP's total number of seats in the parliament had dropped to 25 from a former 26.

With Eroglu's election, the number of seats the UBP has in the TRNC Parliament dropped from 25 to 24 and the UBP government has become "a minority in the parliament".

Most political scientists expect a new coalition government in the TRNC following the presidential election.

The possibility of a coalition government in the TRNC will come up following the local elections in June, 2010.

The Democrat Party (DP) has five seats in the TRNC Parliament and they had supported Dervis Eroglu during the presidential election.

An UBP-DP coalition is highly likely in the TRNC.

The UBP will soon elect a new chairperson to replace Dervis Eroglu. 

"Eroglu's biography"

Dervis Eroglu was born in Ergazi village of Magusa in 1938. He completed elementary school in Ergazi village. Eroglu graduated from Magusa's Namik Kemal High School. In 1963, he graduated from the Medical Faculty of Istanbul University. Following graduation, Eroglu worked as a doctor in Gazimagusa.

Later, Eroglu specialized in urology at Ankara's Numune Hospital. Between 1972-1976, he worked at the Gazimagusa State Hospital as an urology expert. In 1976, he was elected as a deputy of Gazimagusa from the National Unity Party (UBP).

Eroglu served as the Minister of Education, Culture, Youth and Sports in 1976-1977. Between 1977 and 1983, he served as the UBP leader in Gazimagusa. Between 1972 and 1982, he was the president of the Gazimagusa Turkish Cooperative Bank. For 16 years, he served as the President of the Executive Board of the Magusa Turkish Power.

He served as a founding member of the Constituent Assembly in 1983. In December 1983, he was elected leader of the UBP. He was elected as an UBP deputy from Gazimagusa in national elections of 1981, 1985, 1990, 1993, and 1998. Between 1985 and 1993, he served as the Prime Minister. Between January 1, 1994 and August 16, 1996, he continued to work as the leader of the main opposition. As of August 16, 1996, he served as a Prime Minister in the UBP-Democrat Party (DP) coalition government. Following the general elections on December 6, 1998, Eroglu became the Prime Minister under the coalition government of UBP-Communal Liberation Party (TKP). He served again as the Prime Minister under a new UBP-DP coalition government.

Eroglu was elected as the Chairman of the UBP on November 29, 2008 after serving as UBP leader for 11 terms. He formed up the government for the eighth time after winning the early elections of April 19, 2009 in which the UBP won 26 seats. Eroglu is married with four children and five grand-children. He speaks fluent English and Greek.

Rauf Denktas was the first president of the TRNC which was established in 1983. He remained at office from 1983 to 2005. He was replaced by Mehmet Ali Talat during the election in 2005.


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