Non-EU nationals in UK may face £200 fee for health services

The UK plans to charge non-EU immigrants £200 annually to benefit from National Health Services.

Non-EU nationals in UK may face £200 fee for health services

World Bulletin/News Desk

Non-EU immigrants who go to UK to work or study will not benefit free from National Health Services (NHS).

Speaking about the government's new plan which is expected to be announced Wednesday, Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt stated that their aim was "to prevent the system from being abused."

Students who travel to the UK from outside EU member countries would have to pay a annual healthcare levy of £200 on top of visa costs before they were allowed to enter Britain while others would pay their fees through a system on which the government is still working, Hunt said.

The £200 charge is for non-EU nationals who stay in the UK for more than six months.

Health Ministry stressed that treatment to non-EU nationals cost the NHS in Britain about £30 million a year.

The government also plans to announce another proposal to grant free-of-charge GP consultation for non-EU nationals staying less than six months.

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